The legacy of Rev Robert E. Detzler and the SRA

In Loving Memory of the Life of Robert E. Detzler

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Upcoming Classes


Self Mastery


Olympia Washington Self Mastery class for Spiritual Response Agency

August 16-17, 2014
SRA Classroom

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Intensive Skills


Bogots Columbia Intensive Skills Class for the Spiritual Response Association

Bogota Columbia
(Spanish only)

September 26-28, 2014
Local contact: Veronica Bau

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Product Spotlight

Working with Chart 3 DVD

Chart 3 DVD

Chart 3 is a dynamic chart that maps the levels of consciousness and evolutionary process of the soul through various realms. Many SRT students and practitioners find that their understanding of the entire SRT system is greatly enhanced by synthesis of this information.


The SRA is happy to offer this beautifully crafted DVD of SRT founder, Robert Detzler, giving a lecture and answering questions about an exciting and valuable facet of the SRT/SpR curriculum (Also available in other languages by download)


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