New Members of the SRA Board of Directors

Gretchen Marie Fox

Gretchen Fox has been practicing SRT since 2007. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) with her adult children. She loves to write and is a published author. When Gretchen is not busy working and writing, she is now training to run her first 5K!


Bertha Calvin lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico as an SRT practitioner (2009) and teacher (2011) as well as a psychotherapist. She has adult twins, three cats, and loves to walk. She also loves writing and would love to love to have more time to do so between her work and life!

Upcoming Classes

Intensive Skills

Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico
April 24 – 26, 2015
Class Organizer: Bertha Calvin
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Board Members


Product Spotlight

Robert Made Pendulums
Limited Quantity
Image of SRA Angel Bead Pendulum
Clear “Angel Bead” Pendulum
Limited quantity of Clear Bead Pendulums made by our founder Rev Robert E Detzler. Great for your own collection, or as a gift for family and friends.

New Pendulums Available

Spiritual Response Association Pendulums for sale
Spiritual Response Association Pendulums for sale