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Be aware, an individual going by the name Rita Lorey has acquired and contacted all e-mails on the public SRA site. One teacher lost valuable time (not funds, luckily) in connection with this scam. The SRA does not recommend replying to these e-mails.

SRA Product

Ascension New Year Special
First of all, we wish you many
blessings as 2016 begins.
A new year brings new
beginnings and new possibilities!

We understand there has been some confusion as to the publication status of the Ascension. Let us assure you - we are up and running
and good to go.

Due to this miscommunication, as well as celebrating the New Year, we are so excited to reach out to you today and offer you the Ascension at a 10% discount - sign up for a year subscription in January and receive 10% off. This applies to English as well as the other languages available.

Thank you for your continued
support and may 2016 bring a
renewed brilliance to your life!








SRA News

Certification Process
is being finalized

Certification Process

Is 2016 the year you are ready
to become a certified
SRT Consultant or Teacher?

Certification has been refreshed
to keep up with changing times
and streamline processes for you.
There are new requirements
and processes for certification.

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